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What is the Devon Hospitals Short Stay School?

The Devon Hospitals Short Stay School is an educational provision for those children and young people of statutory school age, who may miss a significant period of schooling whilst in hospital.

Who are the teaching team?

Eva Bucci and Jo Hugo share the role of teacher throughout the week. They are assisted by Kari Bradbury who works full time on the Caroline Thorpe ward. Eva and Jo are primarily based at NDDH, but are part of a larger team of teachers who are based at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital and the Outreach Centre in Exeter. They also, both provide education within the community by teaching as part of our 'Outreach' service.

They are responsible for subject lead moderation in, Maths (Eva) and English (Jo) as well as delivering high quality, engaging personalised learning opportunities for all pupils on a daily basis. Additionally Eva is the lead in pupil progress and tracking, while Jo is the autism specialist for DHSSS. The teaching staff are all qualified and experienced, and are employed by Devon County Council.


Who is eligible for education whilst in hospital?

At daily handover meetings, the medical staff identify the children and young people who may need hospital education input. These children may have a short or long stay inpatient admission, may need frequent admissions to hospital and/or may have a special educational need.

Where and when does 'school' happen?

There is one fully equipped schoolroom on the ward. Pupils may be taught in the schoolroom, in their cubicle or on the ward. Where teaching takes place will be influenced by the needs of the child and infection control protocols.

School operates morning and afternoon during term-time. Timing of sessions may have to be a bit flexible but usually they take place around 9:15 - 12:00 and 1:15 - 3:15.

What do we offer?

The teacher will:

  • coordinate all schoolwork;
  • take into account each child/young person’s particular needs, in order to work out an individual programme;
  • liaise with the home schools and with other relevant professionals, when appropriate;
  • arrange for pupils to take GCSE exams in hospital if necessary;
  • take into consideration any special educational need a child may have;
  • Attend any specific meetings.

What can you do to help us?

Please inform us of any special provision or need your child may have, or any other information you think would be helpful to us.

What happens on discharge from hospital?

We will contact your child's main school and update them on work covered. We write a summary report for school and yourself if your child has been with us for a week or more.   If your child is unable to return to school for more than three weeks after discharge, please talk to us and we can signpost you to extra services available.


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