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What is the Devon Hospitals Short Stay School?

The Devon Hospitals Short Stay School is an educational provision for those children and young people of statutory school age, who may miss a significant period of schooling whilst in hospital. It also supports children and young people as they reintegrate back into school after a period of absence due to medical reasons. Our

Who are the teaching team?

Our outreach team consists of a number of teachers who work from our centre across the week. You are most likely to see Sue Beasley, Anna Breen, Sam Collett  Penny Myles, Julia and Jane. Anna is our outreach coordinator. Sophie and Rachael also support pupils at the Centre. 


Who is eligible?

Children and young people who attend the centre have been referred to us through Devon's Medical Inclusion Team and will stay for us for a short period of time -usually up to 2 terms- as they gradually reintegrate back into their own school or a new setting. We  are not a  permanent or long stay provision. We work closely with their own schools and other agencies as part of the process. Pupils are taught on a 1:1 basis and in groups with opportunities to socialise too.

When does 'school' happen?

Our centre is open Monday-Friday during term time 9-3.30 although individuals will have their own timetables. There is one fully equipped large teaching area plus a smaller learning room and fully functioning kitchen. We also have access to outdoor space. 

What do we offer?

The teachers will:

  • coordinate all schoolwork;
  • take into account each child/young person’s particular needs, in order to work out an individual programme;
  • liaise with the home schools and with other relevant professionals, when appropriate;
  • arrange for pupils to take GCSE exams if necessary;
  • take into consideration any special educational need a child may have;
  • Attend any specific meetings.
  • Actively support reintegration back to school

What can you do to help us?

Please inform us of any special provision or need your child may have, or any other information you think would be helpful to us.

What happens next? 

We will have been liaising throughout with your child's main school and other agencies but when it's the right time for a return we will work closely to make that successful. We will work alongside in their school if needs be and continue to visit or check-in once their return is established. 

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Find us here: