Mathematics is taught as part of pupil’s personalised learning at DHSSS, ideally in conjunction with pupils’ home schools. If there is no work from school set, we will talk with the student to assess any problem areas in mathematics.

The school aims to support pupils’ understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and enable them to apply mathematical skills to everyday life. Therefore there is often a focus on developing life skills, such as telling the time, interpreting timetables, adapting quantities in recipes and understanding money.

We frequently use on-line mathematics resources to assess, teach and inspire. We also have a wide range of practical resources and textbooks for pupils spanning most exam boards. We are not an exam centre, however, if you are due to take an exam we will arrange for someone from your school to invigilate in one of our rooms.

In addition to practical and written work, pupils are supported to develop accurate mathematical vocabulary and strengthen mental mathematics skills. We keep a close eye on national developments in terms of curriculum and exam specification.

This year 2019/20 we will  be focussing on mathematical reasoning and will be aiming to have a reasoning element in all of our lessons. We use the White Rose Maths resources to help assess and plan work for our pupils across all Key Stages.

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