Anne Porter

I've been a manager with DSSHS for a couple of years now and am enjoying 
working with the school.  My background is in education and I've been a 
teacher (including Deputy Head in a secondary school), Local Authority 
Officer for Special Educational Needs and for a few years I was also an 
Ofsted Inspector.  After retiring from Devon County Council in 2013 I 
joined the Department for Education where I am currently a Special 
Educational Needs and Disability Adviser.  The rest of the time I enjoy 
meeting up with family who are far flung across the country and I make 
felt, spin, knit and generally enjoy any art involving textiles.  I keep 
a few chickens for their eggs and 3 angora goats which provide a 
constant supply of mohair for spinning. It's great to be able to share 
some of my craft-based interests with the children from time to time.

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Find us here: