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Mental Health self help resources


Young Minds website includes many helpful resources, including this mood diary template - a practical way to keep track of how you’re feeling each day.

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Check out Young Minds well-being bingo. These are just small everyday things that can help to improve your mental health. Why not try and tick off the activity as the week goes on?


What do you know about your brain's happiness chemicals? Follow this link to better understand how these chemicals work, and how you can improve your overall happiness by tapping into each of the four happiness chemicals. 

The link can also take you to information on challenging negative thoughts and thinking errors.

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 was anxiety. You can find information about and resources for understanding and coping with anxiety here: Mental Health Awareness Week | Mental Health Foundation

There are also links to information and resources on previous Mental Health Awareness Week themes, which include body image, loneliness and kindness.


Nature is a tonic to the way in which we live today. It is increasingly being recognised as an essential part of our overall wellbeing. Find a time each day to experience it. The link below may give you some suggestions as to how to do that. 

Nature and mental health | Mental Health Foundation