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The Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership

Children in Devon are best safeguarded when key agencies work together effectively. The Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership is designed to help make this happen. It is their aim to make sure that children and families can get the right support, in the right place at the right time. For further information, please follow this link:

The Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership (DSCP) (


Devon County Council Inclusion and Wellbeing Services

The Education Inclusion Service provides a statutory, but impartial service for parents and carers, school governors, headteachers, school staff and other agencies about inclusion, reintegration and exclusion. Early support from the team can help a child to stay in school, or return to school after an exclusion and offer opportunities to help them achieve their full potential.

Please follow the links below for further information:

Education Inclusion Service – Education and Families (

Education Inclusion Service - Support for schools and settings (


The Education Wellbeing Team works closely with schools to support children and young people who might be medically absent to remain learning in their school or to help them to access learning and support reintegration back into school.

Support for pupils with health needs - Support for schools and settings (

Devon County Council have produced a flow chart of recommended support and resources for children and young people with anxiety based school avoidance:

Schools guidance for supporting pupils with medical conditions - Support for schools and settings (


If you require a Request for Section 19  - Alternative provision form, please follow the link here:

Request for Section 19 - Alternative Provision (