Devon Hospitals Short Stay School



In the digital world we now live in, computing is a vital, lifelong skill, as well as being a part of the National Curriculum.  Our students use laptops, iPads and other digital equipment to complete work in a flexible and responsive way. We constantly update apps, on-line resources and software to suit our pupils’ individual needs. We also provide resources that allow children to complete the work that they have been sent by their home school.

Online Safety

The ever-expanding online world that young people have access to provides them with many wonderful opportunities, but also risks and challenges. At Devon Hospital School, we want to ensure that all our pupils are aware of these risks and can protect themselves from potential dangers.

We know children can spend a lot of time online when they are an inpatient. We are also aware that some of our young people may have had sustained periods of non-attendance at school and therefore rely heavily on social media to maintain friendships and connections with their regular life.

We work in partnership with children, young people, their parents, health practitioners and other agencies to promote young people’s welfare and help them to be responsible in their approach to online safety.

E-safety is an essential part of our curriculum and children in all year groups will spend time exploring and discussing issues that relate to being safe online and the impact it has on their lives.