We recognise and celebrate the importance of History; pupils are taught about changes and events, within and beyond living memory which are nationally or globally significant. Pupils learn about the lives of famous individuals who have contributed to national and international achievements. Learners develop a chronologically secure understanding. Pupil's are taught in a cross curricular way where suitable and students enjoy and engage with the lessons.

We provide a range of resources to support work: including books, study guides and artefacts; we also have excellent ICT facilities to support research, independent study and video conferencing. We work creatively with all pupils from all key stages with work which may be either directly sent from a pupils’ home school or via discussion with the pupil. For instance picking up on a Year 6's Viking topic, or a Year 10's work on Shakespeare's Macbeth and looking at the historical context in which it was written. We follow the National Curriculum and GCSE requirements. 

For longer stay pupils and/or those requiring repeated admissions to hospital, we will liaise closely with the home school to ensure that learning is as uninterrupted as possible. For Key stage 4 pupils we will ascertain the exam board towards which they are studying and provide targeted support in specific programmes of study.

Where we can, we invite visitors into school to support learning.