Devon Hospitals Short Stay School


What music are you into? At DHSSS have discovered that we have very eclectic tastes!

Music is a wonderful creative form of communication that is encouraged and brings variety and pleasure across all our sites. Music is enjoyed and taught at the centre, on the ward and hospital classroom as well as in the home. We adapt our curriculum to meet need and therefore offer a very bespoke service.

 At DHSSS we offer the opportunity to create and share the enjoyment of music by singing and playing instruments together, listening to live music and sharing our thoughts and opinions on a wide range of compositions. We encourage our pupils to use music to express individual and emotional needs and enhance sensory pleasure and development. The school has access to a range of percussion resources, keyboards, and some stringed instruments.  At times local musicians are invited to the school to inspire children with music workshops.

We aim to always encourage music in our pupils lives whether it be to enjoy listening to and playing music, expressing individuality, developing a sensory need, or supporting with GCSE and instrumental studies.