Devon Hospitals Short Stay School




Why is it like it is here?   

This is the essential geographical question!


At the Devon Hospitals School we know that knowledge about where we live and how places are connected across the world gives students a confident sense of place. 


Geography is about studying the Earth as the home of humanity. We look at how physical landscapes, climates, settlements, work patterns and societies affect us as they change and evolve. Students use maps, atlases, remote sensing images and research databanks to question and analyse all types of environmental connections. We promote a lasting intellectual curiosity about the world around us, and encourage students in recognising and developing their individual place in it.

Discovery fieldwork in our local surroundings is an opportunity to show students the deeper reality of their own locality and sometimes the fun of visiting new places!

We work with students’ main schools across Key Stage 1-4 and are able to support students who are studying for their Geography GCSE.