Devon Hospitals Short Stay School



Science Subject Lead: Jane Adcock

Science is a subject that should inspire awe and wonder about our natural world and our place within it. It is taught at our school with passion and enthusiasm within the three disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics.

Wherever possible it is taught in context and through practical means. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and explore ideas, make predictions, and draw conclusions, all important skills that we need throughout our lives.


We have access to excellent teaching resources from other secondary schools to allow for varied practical investigations and use the AQA Unit Award Scheme to allow certification for units of work. The local environment and garden areas at the school sites also offer a wealth of resources for teaching.

Pupils may be taught in line and in liaison with their homeschool or may be taught areas of the curriculum that have been missed through school absence. Lessons may take place face to face or remotely according to need and circumstance.


Work is always shaped to fit the individual needs of the pupil and where possible, personal interests are taken into account. Links to other areas of the curriculum are made such as maths, literacy and geography and pupils are encouraged to read and express their ideas in their own words.

Most of all we want science when taught with us to be enlightening, engaging, and thought provoking.